Ashly Kaye's at Greenock LLC

Full Service Catering

Menu Suggestions

Items marked with (#) symbol are options for Gold and Platinum packages at no additional cost or can be added to Bronze and Silver packages for an additional fee. We are always open to special requests.


*Fruit displays

*Vegetable displays

*Cheese and cracker displays

*Fruit, cheese, and cracker displays

*Meat, cheese, and cracker displays

*Sweet and sour meatballs

*Ham biscuits

*Caprese bites

*Mini quiche

*Stuffed mushrooms

*Mini crab cakes (#)

*Lobster rolls (#)

*Spring rolls (#)

*Savory tarts (#)

*Bacon wrapped dates (#)

*Fresh Bruschetta bar 

*Mini chicken and waffles 

*Shrimp cocktail shooters (#)

*Mini grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters 





*Strawberry Spinach


*Italian marinated chicken breast

*Stuffed Chicken (Stuffed with bread crumb and mozzarella stuffing)

*Chicken Parmesan

*Chardonnay chicken

*Oven roasted chicken (assorted)

*BBQ chicken (white, dark, or assorted)

*Asian chicken skewers

*Carved roast

 (Carver provided)

*Beef tenderloin in a red wine mushroom sauce

*Beef tenderloin served with onions and mushrooms

*Kabob (beef, chicken, or vegetarian)

*Stuffed peppers

*Pork tenderloin

*Apple stuffed pork chops

*Pulled pork BBQ

*Spiral ham

*Vegetarian Lasagna

*Meat Lasagna

*Stuffed Shells

*Chicken or Shrimp Alfredo

*Coconut curry stuffed sweet potatoes (#)

*Honey Ginger Salmon



*Crab Cakes (#)

*Shrimp and Grits (#)

*Sea Bass (#)



*Herb roasted potatoes

*Mashed potatoes

*Mashed potato bar 

*Potato Salad

*Rice pilaf

*Wild rice

*Basmati rice

*Baked macaroni and cheese

*Green beans (traditional, casserole, garlic roasted, or almondine)


*Vegetable medley

*Squash/zucchini medley

*Roasted Brussel sprouts


*Cabbage and potatoes



*Baked beans



*Garlic roasted asparagus

*Quinoa salad

*Deviled eggs