Ashly Kaye's at Greenock LLC

Full Service Catering


All prices include all needed disposables, delivery, and all taxes

BBQ Special: (Parties 25 or larger) $15.00 per person

*Pulled Pork BBQ with buns


*Baked Macaroni and Cheese

*Green beans

*Baked Beans

*Potato Salad

*Served with Tea and Lemonade 

Boxed Lunches (Parties 25 or larger) $10.00 per person

*Assorted Sandwiches


*Choice of Assorted Fruit, Salad, or Pasta Salad

*Assorted Desserts (Cookies, Brownies, or Cupcakes)

*Bottled Waters

Breakfast Meeting (Parties 10 or larger) $8.00 per person

*Assorted Muffins/Pastries



*Assorted Fruit



*Other options available upon request*